Dec 13, 2009

Christmas Wish List
1. Succulents
2. Botanical Prints
3. Tights
4. Pillows
5. Money for Etsy
6. Graphic/Typography/Craft/Illustration books
7. Anthro Card
8. Red Tint lipstick
9. Money for Thrift Shopping
10. Cape/Ponchos: Navajo Print
11. Cat Nip for my little Jax
12. Soft Pretty Blanket
13. Shoes I told my dad about at Aldo
14. Rocks & Minerals.

1 comment:

TheRainWillRemain said...

Navajo print!I want a blanket!I remember when I was younger we had an apartment at a ski resort and the sofas had navajo print!Later my parents changed it but there are still some photos, I need to find them when I get back home!

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