Oct 28, 2010

I recently got a lovely shipment of geometric stones that I would love to share.
Each stone is unique in color and carved with a free spirit in mind.

Strung on hemp. Stone knotted in place. $10 each.

Please email me at
shelby.dimarco@gmail.com to place an order

- Feel free to order a particular one in the photo above.

Oct 25, 2010

Oct 19, 2010

Healing Beads

Hello Followers,
I am now selling custom healing bead bracelets.

Tiny, delicate hemp string is adorned with
magical healing stones, knots, coils, and antique african beads.

Click the photo above for a larger detail.

Prices range from $5-20
Please email me at shelby.dimarco@gmail.com
Example Emails
1. $5: 2 knots, pyrite stone, 2 knots

2. $10: 3 knots, coil, 2 knots, pyrite stone, 2 knots, coil, 3 knots

3. $15-20: alternating bead of your choice with knots in between, pyrite stone, alternating bead of your choice with knots in between.

(Stones will alternate and vary month to month, I will have updates here all the time.)

For this month I have:
Hemp string in beige, left untied
Wood Beads which signify wisdom, protection and balance.
Pyrite for a boost of energy, and goodluck.
Small Coils for overall well-being and openness to new adventures
Small Silver Geometric Bead for artistic growth and brighter soul

My new Ethiopian beads

Oct 18, 2010

Oct 6, 2010

Oct 5, 2010

Thank you all who have sent me emails regarding the post below.
I am thrilled for the new projects and experiments. Keep sending those emails!

Send Letters: Shelby.DiMarco@gmail.com

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