Sep 30, 2011

thank you photoshop....

These are a few photos i've accumulated over the years on tumblr and pinterest(I have no links, for they have been sitting in files on my laptop- I'm so bad, I know- tisk tisk me) (If you happen to know shoot me an email!) Anyway, it's a broadened view of how and where I picture my garland hanging- and to possibly give my buyers an visual idea experience?? I envy these spaces, and if I had it, no doubt would I be taking my own photos!
Seeing these I know you want to buy one now...huh? ; )

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Sep 28, 2011


Sep 27, 2011

My sister Savannah became a signed model at NEXT agency. So proud of her. I took this one a few days ago.

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I'm back. I've working on tons of projects this past summer.
Thank you all who still come to visit.
I've been majorly working with paper and paint, and have discovered tons of crafty wedding blogs, food blogs, craft blogs that have really taken a whole new perspective of my art. I'm intrigued by event styling, store display, and paper installation to home and space. I have decided to really work full force towards my new goals in that field(already have tons of ideas and plans that i'll share soon! :) ). With that, I hope to bring more documenting and conversation here, a whole new chapter is taking place.

oh, and more terrariums and air plants.
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Sep 9, 2011

Custom Collages for websites, personal use, etc... request now!

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