Sep 19, 2008

The beginning. September 19, 2008.

So Genne & I decided to walk over to Barnes and Nobel to do our school work, and get lunch at Corner Bakery. We walked halfway, it was too hot so we called my dad. haah. 

I gotta run in mah tights. 
These leaves were so soft waaa.

Oh bags. 

Talking, and laughing at the guy in back of us who kept poking his starbucks with a pen
new hair stylz
I dont know why we like this one so much. 
Went downstairs to look at the new vogue, bazaar, etc... 

Red shoes/
Soy chai tea, & capp. 
Lunch at corner bakery. 
Pictures from behind the commons. 

Gabe took us back to my house. 

It was a pretty good day. Now were watching movies, tomorrow will be great. 

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