Feb 8, 2010

Recent Photos. Ill put more up tomorrow.


Rondell said...

Those girls need to put some clothes on, it's cold as hell outside! While they at it, they need to eat a sandwitch too. Tell em to come by Rondell's house and she'll fix them up right!

Banshee Beat said...

Im sure my sisters would love to! They eat like its their last day on earth, especially the one on the right. xo

elephantshoes said...

can i ask where that middle jacket is from? or where I could get something similar...

stunning! also that dress on your sister is divine!

Banshee Beat said...

Etsy! & thanks

elephantshoes said...

What keywords can I use to find something similar please? Cheers

Banshee Beat said...


Sequins♡Sparkles said...

love these pics! the dresses are beautiful.
really nice blog too!


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