May 31, 2009

Space15Twenty's Fashion Bloggers Shop day fleamarket(Part1)

Part 1's photos by BRAINHEARTLUNGGUT
More photos coming tomorrow..
Thank you Space15Twenty for the invite, see you at the next shop day



Nick Leonard said...

Looks like a lot of fun. I love the feel of the atmosphere!

ALICE said...

This looks like HEAVEN!

Anonymous said...

this looks amazing! serious heaven. i wish we had stuff like that over here.

L A D Y E L E C T R I Q U E said...

it was heaven!

Genevieve said...

Ahh, I was supposed to go but due to hangover inquiries... I couldn't manage to get out of bed.

Looks like a good time. xo

L A D Y E L E C T R I Q U E said...

next time, you should come!

Raych said...

Aw I wish I walked around more and actually SHOPPED hahaha I just sat in my little corner bored out of my wits the first half of the day.

Did you sell anything?

Jo Bear said...

i wish i could have been there!
unfortunately i don't live in L.A.

L A D Y E L E C T R I Q U E said...

theres another one later this summer!

Jo Bear said...

hopefully i'll be in cali at that time
my uncle has been bugging me to go visit him so i'm crossing my fingers

laurennn said...

when are you going to have another one of theese id love to go xxx :)

L A D Y E L E C T R I Q U E said...

15twenty will have another one later this summer..

Genevieve said...

I will most definitely be there next time! x

Aditya Tirtakusuma said...


dirtyflaws said...

great photos xx

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