Dec 25, 2009

Hello New Friend.

Christmas 2009
1. Trip to France, Spain and Italy this summer. So beyond thrilled.
2. A lovely pair of Oxfords
3. Tocca Cleopatra Parfume
4. A book listing Vintage Stores all through Paris
5. Another Yashica, something i've wanted for a while now
6. A book about French Decor, my bible for my future living
7. Lip Stain
8. Horoscope Book
9. Endless Gift Cards to Starbucks and Book Stores
10. Beautiful Feather Earrings
11. Money to contribute to my Etsy craze.
12. by Corpus Sweater.

I hope you all are having a lovely day


[+Sarah] said...

You are absolutely incredible and I am such a fan of your work.


TheRainWillRemain said...

Let me know when you're coming to Spain!:D and where haha!

Banshee Beat said...

Sarah- Thank You very much xo
Igor- Yes I will!

average children said...

how could i read this AFTER christmas! you're list is making me envious - i hope you had all you wished for.

Banshee Beat said...

thanks doll!

Genevieve said...

How lovely!

Do another DIY event, so sad I couldnt attend the last one.


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