Nov 12, 2009

This Sunday, November 15!
Monthly Flea Market !
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CH31534 said...

i want to go to LA so badly. what exactly is space15twenty? a flea market, right? do you run it or something?

Banshee Beat said...

Space15twenty is Urban Outfitters experiment store. It gives UO an opportunity to collaborate with different designers, there are "pop-ups" where the visual display team creates these amazing displays. There are gallaries for various artists and photographers to show their work. Space also has tenants such as free people, hennessey+ingalls, shoes+shoes+shoes+bags(an amazing store with UO'S online only shoes/bags.) The only store that carries it! The new Umami Burger, and what goes around comes around a new york based vintage store. Also, Space holds various events like flea markets(monthly), bloggers shop day, bike day la, screenings, opening parties...etc its an amazing place, theres always something to do. Yeah I work at space in the creative dept, i do alot of blogging, flyers, and events... Im hosting my first Holiday DIY in december, we'll be making cool homemade necklaces and other UO DIY brands. So, if your ever in LA you should come by!

CH31534 said...

also, i read your about a girl thing on UO.. you don't do styling anymore through room buffalo at all?

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