Sep 24, 2009

In 2007, Malibu fires hit,taking everything in its sight.Just in time we were able to save lots of boxes of memories that would have been gone forever. It's weird because all the photos and papers that were saved all are just burned at the top, so close to entirely taking away everything. I took everything, and even though these photos were taken years and years before me, I felt a strange connection to them. I tried my best to restore everything, carefully taking them out of their burned places in albums, cleaning them off and tucking them back into new albums. I also got a bag of old love letters from my grandma to my grandpa and vice versa while my grandpa was on the road. So many lovely stories. Today I took some out to read, and above is a piece of a letter, an envelope, and a photo of my grandma.

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Bobby Whigham said...

what a great gift to get

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