Feb 14, 2009

Hello from San Francisco

Right now im in San Francisco staying downtown, but right now im in Mission District. Its so overwhelming here, theres so much to do and look at. Today, I went here and there, and back,literally, i went to mission district, chinatown, little italy, Fisherman's Wharf, Goldengate Bridge, Flea Market, Open Air Market, The Ferry Building, SFMOMA, probably passed through a ton of districts, its a bit confusing getting around here; the driving reminds me of driving in Italy. Crazy. Its so beautiful, i think ill live here one day in an old style apartment, like the one im in right now. Ive already used to rolls of film. And, I had NO idea how cold it is here, i brought clothes suited for LA's weather,oops.
Anyway more exploring tomorrow, and more stories/photographs next week
happy valentines day 

talk to you soon


unicornsophie said...

yeah. welcome to the bay, its pretty cold. you came when theres a storm coming.

but enjoy the cityy!

Nick Leonard said...

Sounds like much fun. :) hope you continue to enjoy it there..exploring is the best!

-Excited for the photos.

Jo. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

dear lady e,
do you possibly think you could make a playlist for all of your viewers?
you seem like you would have great music taste.

Michael Oats said...

Hey! After some time of no posts I've updated a new shoot! I hope you like it.

L (Photographed by Michael Oats)


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