Dec 18, 2008

Kime Buzzelli

I am intrigued by the mind of Kime Buzzelli, her art is so magnificent and beautiful.

.In her words-"I make paintings and drawings inspired by fashion, film, music and make believe . I like layering images on heavy papers using watered down paints and markers. I fancy the parts in stories where something unusual happens, or is about to happen. I like filling in the blanks in a scene or deciding what may occur next. I'm attracted to mistakes in text. I heart mysteries and voyeurism.
My work space is currently in Echo Park, CA. I like to work at night, listening to records, while eating cold pizza."

Kime is also the owner of a fashion/art boutique called SHOWPONY in L.A.
which is a "fashion & art installation space located in Echo Park, CA. The gallery established itself in 2000, and is home to local artists and designers who create magical one of kind pieces. On the first Saturday of every month, Show Pony and the rest of the galleries on the block have new ART/Fashion displayed." (from
 1543 Echo Park Ave.
Los Angeles, Ca 90026

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