Dec 31, 2010


Thank you so much to all my followers for continuous support and love. It means the world and more to me. In 2011 I'm taking up at home gardening, succulent landscaping, and herb potting. I couldn't be more intrigued and excited for this. My blog will feature lots of updates on my plants growth and harvesting, DIY's and possibly, possibly selling my own arrangements. Of course I will not neglect my collages, for I am starting the new year off with letterpress and screen printing classes so I can finally sell prints. I see my work heading off in different directions, I'd like to refresh, tweak and experiment with new techniques that i've been itching to do-making a new chapter the perfect time to start.
Happy New Year
Shelby Di Marco
Banshee Beat


Maddie said...

Congratulations on your successes this year shelby! I really love all of your gardening photos, cannot wait to see more. Very lovely.

Banshee Beat said...

Thanks Maddie, Happy New Year to you.


Fashion Intel said...

This sounds so exciting! I'm thrilled to read about all your plant adventures.

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