Sep 1, 2009

I got this lovely kimono in kauai.


TheRainWillRemain said...

love the new things you've been posting!It's been a long time since I last checked your blog!
I want to know about that thing with urban outfitters!

TheRainWillRemain said...

Thanks Shelby!Let me know about it as soon as it is published!
My summer has been a little boring haha but now I'm moving to a flat to live on my own for next year so that's cool, I really need to leave my hometown haha, 3 months here is too much!!!

Anonymous said...

i love it too!! and i also love the bohemian free spirit life style you live-totally like me..and eventhough you're all the way in cali ( i think) and im in ny, i would love to be an addiction to amazing photographing eye, if you wanted down the line

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